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Michelle Falcone is a Divine Feminine leader who believes in the potential of every human being. She is committed to guiding those she works with to obtain a life full of passion and success.

Michelle is qualified, through The Ford Institute as a Certified Integrative Life Coach. She is expertly trained in the areas of self-awareness, relationships and shadow work. Michelle’s transformational work with various artists in the music industry has resulted in the launching of several successful careers. She is also an accomplished entrepreneur in the event planning and restaurant industries. This includes the creation of Falconetti’s East Side Grill live music venue on Vancouver’s Commercial Drive, featured on G

Guy Fieri’s, Drivers Drive-ins and Dives.

She enjoys connecting people and building relationships. Her most recent venture involved the development of the Connection App, an app designed to help people develop healthy relationship habits leading to greater trust and intimacy in their lives. Overall, Michelle’s life journey has provided her with extensive experience to empower people to maximize their sphere of influence and live authentically.

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Rise Transform Renew Program

Rise Transform Renew Program

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Breakthrough Coaching with Michelle Falcone

Why Work With An Expert?

Wise Words From Michelle’s Coach, Kelley Koscow

‘No one gets to the Oscars without an acting coach, the Grammys without a singing coach, or the Olympics without an athletic coach.

What do they know that the rest of us are just learning?

Answer: You don’t have to do it alone!

The most successful individuals are those who surround themselves with people who are committed to their success!

So whether it’s gold medals, gold statutes, a pot of gold, a gold ring on your finger, or just the feeling that your life is “golden”, coaching can assist you in achieving your goals and turning your dreams into your reality.

Unlike therapy, which generally focuses on talking about the past, coaching work is forward focused. It is designed to use the past to reveal the blockages, the limiting patterns, unconscious beliefs or thoughts that have kept you stuck, so that you can bust through them and shift not only one area of your life, but actually change your life completely!’


Authenticity Academy

Leadership is the question. Authenticity is the answer.

Authenticity Academy invites you to discover who you are individually and as a team, igniting your potential to transform your work and life. Engaging your most productive, innovative, human resources and aligning common purpose and core values.

SoCal Wellness Retreats


Imagine starting your day surrounded by the sights, sounds and smells of nature where the only thing on your calendar is to take care of you. Experience a morning routine that involves self-love and unique challenges, a journey into yourself and the ways you want to be. Receive expert guidance in breath work, meditation, yoga, plant based eating and mindfulness.