Vivian Berg
Vivian Berg Testimonial
“Being coached by Michelle was a transformative experience. She really helped me connect with myself on a deeper level and release the limiting beliefs that were limiting my growth and success. She helped me develop the tools I needed to continue my growth and development on my own. Since I completed the ten week program with Michelle, I have maintained a strong sense of self, a steady confidence, and have been able to manage my stress and anxiety effectively. She helped me to feel empowered and it has reflected greatly in my level of success in my career. I am so grateful for her presence in my life and would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to really foster personal and career growth.”

Alicia Charles
Co-owner & Global Event Director of Synonymous Media
“I was really struggling in my life before I started to work with Michelle. I had already made the choice to follow my heart and become a singer/songwriter, but as most artists and entrepreneurs will tell you, the path to success is full of intense challenges and unknown factors. I had a hard time funding my work in music and was often behind on my bills and being phoned by creditors, I felt that it forced me to accept small jobs or gigs I was not happy working. I started to see a counsellor in hopes that they could help me with the unhappiness I was feeling.

Counselling did offer me support, but the difference between counselling and Coaching, was that Counselling almost empowered me to feel sorry for myself, where Coaching forced me to see how much power I could access in my life by taking responsibility. I now work full time as a musician on projects I am absolutely passionate about! I am able to pay my bills on time and fund my own musical endeavours. Not only did Coaching help me to achieve these goals, but I also now realize the importance of Coaching in continuing to take my work to new heights. As long as a I have BIG dreams, I now know that working with a Coach, like Michelle is an important part of achieving them.”

Barron – S
“Michelle Falcone has an incredible gift and is always willing to share it with others. She is a spiritual artist that sees unconditionally, a beautiful canvas depicting the best in people; their full and powerful potential as a human being. In her role as a life coach and mentor she encouraged me to see all that was blocking my ability to be successful in my life. Michelle creatively empowered me to take responsibility for both past and present challenges in my personal and professional life and overcome them in peaceful ways. She supported me in doing the “work” that was needed to reveal my authentic self in the landscape of my life. Today, I am a better father, leader and human being to have worked alongside Michelle. She truly is a special person who transforms lives.”

Dave Sands
Principal of Technology Implementation School District 43
“Working with Michelle has been a life-changing experience for me both personally as well as professionally. Her exceptional coaching session consistently provide me with fresh opportunities to distinguish the true nature of my life situation, to become clearly aware of where I am, where I really want to go and most importantly, what I need to do to get there.”

Lisa MacDonald
Owner/Operator/Executive Director of Rafiki Education Centre
“My coaching experience with Michelle Falcone was transformative. I went into it with the expectation of moving my business forward. By the end of our training, I had accomplished significantly more than I had anticipated, but what was even more powerful was the person I had become. I was dealing with my business in a more relaxed, strategic, trusting way and the results were astounding! Not only was I moving forward faster, but I was enjoying the process way more. If you want to move forward in any areas of your life in a more easeful way with deeper results, I highly recommend Michelle’s coaching approach. She is light, encouraging, and always on your side. I felt completely supported every step of the way, and Michelle continues to coach me on this journey to a more happy, satisfying life.”

Kaylee Johnston
“I have been blessed to work with some of the most gifted empaths, intuitives, lightworkers, and teachers from around the world in both my personal and professional life. As I fully surrendered my journey in the Fall of 2016 and began to do the necessary inner work within, I was blessed to have the Universe bring an Earth Angel and empowered soul named Michelle Falcone to my path.
This March, I was blessed with the opportunity to travel to New Westminster, British Columbia to connect with Michelle in person. Within moments of being in her energy, I began to experience an instantaneous shift. Over the course of the next several days, whatever remnants I had of my comfort zone were completely dissolved.
There are many exceptional gifted healers throughout the world. Some of the most amazing ones we may never even publicly know, because they choose to remain focused on their craft, not caring about any perceived glory, adulation, or praise from the masses. Those who do this work that we are called to truly do it because of the feeling he/she receives when transformation happens within the hearts, the minds, the bodies, and the souls of those they are called upon to serve. Michelle is one of those healers.
She holds a space with grace for her clients. She allows herself to be vulnerable, allowing you to be vulnerable. She does not judge, which allows you to release whatever energies of fear, guilt, shame, and any other low-level energies that you have been suppressing. You shift from wanting more to wanting less. And yes, you shift from a state of instantaneous transformation to instantaneous gratification.
If you are familiar with the work of Cheryl Richardson, Gabby Bernstein, and Simon Sinek, you may have somewhat of a better understanding of Michelle’s body of work, but until you have the chance to share the sacred space with her, only then will you see how uniquely different she is and how she is here to raise the energies of the collective, one person, one soul, one present moment at a time.
If you have asked the Universe for help and assistance in moving forward and are looking to experience the transformation that you have wanted your entire life, but didn’t feel was possible, I encourage you to connect with Michelle, where you will make peace with your perceived darkness and be reminded of the light you always were, are, and will forever be.”

John Masiulionis
President of Empowered by John/Spiritual Guide at Walking Each Other Home
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