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Michelle's Coaching Testimonials
Michelle's Coaching Testimonials
Why Work With An Expert?
Wise Words From Michelle’s Coach, Kelley Koscow
‘No one gets to the Oscars without an acting coach, the Grammys without a singing coach, or the Olympics without an athletic coach.
What do they know that the rest of us are just learning?
Answer: You don’t have to do it alone!
The most successful individuals are those who surround themselves with people who are committed to their success!
So whether it’s gold medals, gold statutes, a pot of gold, a gold ring on your finger, or just the feeling that your life is “golden”, coaching can assist you in achieving your goals and turning your dreams into your reality.
Unlike therapy, which generally focuses on talking about the past, coaching work is forward focused. It is designed to use the past to reveal the blockages, the limiting patterns, unconscious beliefs or thoughts that have kept you stuck, so that you can bust through them and shift not only one area of your life, but actually change your life completely!’

Michelle's Coaching is unique because she will only work on areas of your life where YOU are looking for different results.
While each Program is uniquely tailored to you and the specific areas you are looking for results,
there are four primary areas of focus and support within each Program.
These areas include:
  •  Planning & goal setting
  •  Being connected to reality & your own intuition 
  •  Learning how to commit to your goals, while being able to shift particulars 
  •  Connecting clients with people & businesses that are able to provide powerful opportunities
The Personal Program
  • Discover your Life Purpose & Unique Passion.
The Business Program
  • Launch a new business or take your existing business to new heights.
The Amicable Divorce Program 
  • Starting again doesn't need to be so painful.
  • This Program teaches people strategies and techniques to transform their pain into power.
Breakthrough Shadow Coaching 
  • Support you in dismantling and letting go of the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck and frustrated.
  • Train your unconscious beliefs to be empowering 
  • Support you in healing your early emotional wounds
Michelle's Coaching Education
Michelle is a Certified Life & Business Coach. She has completed her training and certification through the following Programs:
The Ford Institute
  •  Shadow Process Workshop
  •  Every Choice Matters 
  •  Radical Reinvention 
  •  Breakthrough Shadow Coaching Skills 
  •  Intensive Coaching 
Landmark Education
  •  Landmark Forum
  •  Landmark Advanced Program 
  •  Self Expression Leadership Program
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